Adblock Plus, the browser extension used by millions to enhance the browsing experience by removing ads from websites, is now available for Android via an official app.

The app is free and blocks ads within apps, browsers, videos, and even notifications. But that’s only if you can get around the limitations to unlock the app’s true powers. Your ability to do so will depend on your version of Android and whether or not your device is rooted.

According to the developers, the app will block ads over Wi-Fi and 3G on a rooted device no matter what Android version you’re running. However, non-rooted devices running 3.1 or higher will only see ads blocked over a Wi-Fi connection. Non-rooted 3.0 or below devices require a proxy configuration to work over Wi-Fi (a guide is available here).

I tested the app using my phone, which runs 2.3 (Gingerbread). It worked over Wi-Fi right out of the box (lucky for me since my phone’s Wi-Fi options do not allow me to set up a proxy). If you find ads are blocked, but blank areas appear on the screen, I would suggest restarting your phone and give the app a fresh start.

You’ll know the app is configured and working correctly when the text in the notification menu states something along the lines of “Ads are blocked on all connections”. If the text says “Waiting for traffic”, there’s probably an issue and you’ll most likely be greeted by a message telling you to configure a proxy.

If you’re a user of the desktop version, you’re probably familiar with filter lists. Well, just like its big brother, it chooses a list for you off the start, but you have the option to change it to fit your preference.

It could use some fine-tuning, but for a brand new app, Adblock Plus for Android is a great solution for those who feel their mobile experience is degraded by in-app ads.

Adblock Plus is available for free on Google Play.