Living in a small dorm room means your space will get messier much quicker than it did at home.  You never know when it is going to have to be cleaned in a hurry – like when the guy you’re crushing on decides to surprise you by stopping by, Parents Weekend sneaks up on you, or your RA is doing a health/safety inspection.  Knowing how to quickly clean your dorm will reduce your stress level.  Here are 5 tips to quickly clean your room:


1.) Make Your Bed.  It might seem silly to spend time making your bed when your entire room looks like a disaster zone, but the bed is the focal point in a small space.  Straightening the sheets and blankets will make the whole room look cleaner instantly.  Plus, when you go to bed, it’ll be so inviting for sleep.


2.) Get Rid of All Trash.  Trash can accumulate pretty quickly – and even if you are good about putting it in the trash can, sometimes you can get lazy about taking the trash out.  If there is only a little trash, gather it all up and toss it into the trash can.  If you have a lot, grab a huge trash bag and dump it all in there.


3.) Clean the Floor.  If you have concrete or hardwood floors, then get your Swiffer out.  Get all of the dust and dirt up with a dry cloth or broom, and if you have time, use a wet cloth to make it shine.  If you have carpet on the ground, vacuum up all the dirt.  Be sure to get all of the crumbs from last night’s pizza night up too.


4.) Wipe Everything Down.  Use a paper towel and some all purpose cleaner to wipe down every surface in your dorm.  You could also take the easy route and use all purpose cleaning wipes to get the job done.  Not only does this clean regular dirt and grime, but if you use a disinfectant, it will also kill germs – lessening your chances of getting sick.  And we all know how quickly a person can get sick when living in a tiny space with other people.


5.) Put Clothes Away.  If you have clean clothes in a pile waiting to be folded, then fold them up and put them away or hang them in the closet.  If you have dirty clothes all over the room, put them in the hamper or basket.  If you have a lot of dirty clothes, do a load of laundry


6.) Give Everything a Home.  If you are crunched for time, stick all of the other stuff that is sitting in piles or laying around into a basket and shove that into a closet.  Otherwise, all of your other stuff that seems to accumulate should have a home.  I am a huge fan of plastic storage boxes that come in nearly every size imaginable that you can get from The Container Store, Target, Walmart, and lots of other stores.  Using these keeps everything neat, organized, and it makes it so much easier when it’s time to move.
How often do you clean your dorm room?  Do you split the duties with your roommate?

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