Gmail’s app for iOS has never really impressed anyone. In terms of appearance and usability, the app rates somewhere just in front of Apple’s now infamous Maps in terms of usability and popularity among its users. Finally, iPhone and iPad users with Gmail may now breath a sigh relief following yesterday’s release of a completely redesigned and retooled app for iOS.

Once you download the updated version of the app, the most obvious change is just how different the Gmail app looks when compared to previous iterations. In an attempt to replicate the web version of Gmail on the app as well as possible, Gmail’s app now sports a new, cleaner look and with much more fluid transitions and animations between switching windows and a bare-bones layout that should have most Apple users salivating non-stop.

Better integration with Google+ is also now available, with the option to comment on or +1 posts without having to leave the Gmail app at all. Other added features include the much-requested support for multiple accounts. Where as Android users had full access to multiple previously, the ability to manage up to 5 Gmail accounts means that the iOS version of the app is finally catching up to what is available on Google’s operating system. It may have taken entirely too long to arrive, but better late than never.

So far, the feedback for the new version of the iOS Gmail has been overwhelmingly positive, and since its Google made, chances are there are quite a few new features yet to be found. So if you’re an Apple user who had been previously shunning Gmail due to previous attempts at the app, we recommend that you give this new version a shot. It definitely gives Sparrow a run for its money.

The new Gmail app is now available on the iTunes store.