These days, Facebook has effectively replaced the old day planner. The ability to automatically sync features like the dates of friend’s birthdays and Facebook events directly to your smartphone have proven to be an effective way of managing social, work and school events with almost no effort. Its gotten to the point with our generation that creating a Facebook event is almost a requirement for planning any college aged party.

But what if you have a weekly event, like a study group for a particular class, or a set gaming night with friends? Previously, it was impossible to set an event that occurs more than once. But now, instead of having to recreate an event every week, Facebook now lets its users create repeat events to help make scheduling regular get-togethers a whole lot quicker.

In order to make a repeat event, go to the old event that has the details you would like to copy. Then, just click the settings (“gear”) button in the upper-right corner and select “Create Repeat Event.” Facebook will then automatically copy all the important information from the old event into the new one, including sending invites to the same people as previously, for a new day.

It should be noted that while it is technically possible to use this feature on events that friends have created as well as their own, you can only create repeat events when you were set as an administrator of the old one.

While its still unfortunately impossible to make the event automatically recurring, this streamlined way to manage events should help cut down on the needless hassle of having to make a completely new event every single week. Hopefully, we’ll be seeing the ability to create repeat events on Facebook, but until then, this is an excellent time saver.