Recently, there’s been a lot of talk about the potentially life-threatening effects of drinking energy drinks, particularly after the news of how Monster Energy Drinks have a possible connection to 5 deaths since 2004. But, then again, it is almost finals week, so how else are you going to spend all night cramming? Luckily, there are some tricks to give yourself a big energy boost without having to reach for a Rockstar or even a cup of coffee. Here’s how:

Drink Water

As a HackCollege reader, I’m sure that you assiduously follow every single post on the site. Its probably the first thing you do each day, even. So of course, you already know how much we at HackCollege want you to try and stay hydrated. But one thing I neglected to mention is just much dehydration contributes to fatigue. According to a report by Time Magazine, if you find yourself constantly tired and unable to focus, there’s a good chance that you’re simply dehydrated. Additionally, the fact that you’re likely reaching for a diuretic like coffee or energy drinks when you’re sleep is only making it worse by draining your body of water even more.

Eat Protein

Protein is the building block of life, and as you can expect, it also happens to be vital to giving you energy. By eating a protein rich diet, your metabolism is more easily regulated so carbohydrates get burned off at a steady, efficient pace. The result is a big boost in energy that is otherwise impossible on a diet of Cheetohs and ramen. So while you’re studying, try eating nuts, peanut butter or anything else thats loaded with amino acids to help you power through.

Eat Less, More Often

Ever feel like passing out after a particularly filling meal? Well, there’s a good reason for that. The amount of work your body is doing digesting all that food is energy that would be otherwise spent doing, well, anything else. As nutritionist Terri Fant-Franklin suggests, a great way to cut down on fatigue is to first reduce portion sizes. ”Having smaller, more frequent meals will keep your calorie flow at a more even pace which helps with energy,” said Fant-Franklin. So instead of aiming for three big meals a day, try five or six small snacks throughout the day.

Quick Workout

Chances are you’re going to be doing a lot of sitting for the next two weeks. It should be fairly intuitive that human beings aren’t really meant to sit around all the time, and by doing so, your metabolism gets sluggish and you’re more likely to stay in a constant zombie-like state of drowsiness. But by getting your heart pumping for just a few minutes in between hitting the books, you’ll be giving yourself a much needed break in addition to a sizable boost in energy. To do so, take a quick walk or try some of these easy exercises designed to be done at the comfort of your desk and see just how much more lively you’ll feel.

Take a Cold Shower

Consider this the nuclear option: nothing will wake you up faster than a cold shower. Where as hot showers are pleasant and soothing, cold water will give your system that much needed jolt by speeding up your circulation. Granted, it’s exceptionally difficult to bring yourself to step into an ice-cold torrent of water, so if that’s the case, start at a normal temperature and then turn down the temperature for the last few minutes. It isn’t pleasant, but it’ll work.