Part of being in college means everything that you do is a small step towards your future. You’re taking most classes because your major requires them in order to get your degree, which you are hopefully going to apply in any profession that you choose to go into. Sure, some of those classes might seem pointless. But here’s the low-down on all of the things that you need to know in order to be successful once you graduate.

The history of things

Any History professor will tell you how important it is to know what came before you. They’ll tell you things that sound outrageous, like “history repeats itself” or “you’ll never know what to expect in the future if you don’t look to your past first”. Truth is, they’re right. Knowing everything in your field is important. For example, if you’re going into the computer or technology industry, you’ll want to know how technology has advanced in the last 50 years because it will help you understand how things will work in the future. You’ll see progression over time, what worked, what didn’t, and how you can change things for everything to make sense.

Current events

Everything that is going on right now in your industry, you’ll want to pay attention to. Every little thing that happens, breakthroughs, failures, successes- everything matters. Knowing the trends of the stock market in a profession that deals very closely with the stock market will only benefit you.

The importance of over-indulging

Over-indulging in a lot of things can result in bad consequences. But when it comes to learning in the field that you’re going into, over-indulging is entirely a good thing. Working should be fun. You should want to learn even when you’re not working. If you’re working in an industry that you are passionate about, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. Note: there should always be a work-life balance though. Give yourself some time away from what you love to do every once in a while. You’ll learn how to appreciate it more.

Being a sponge

This one is easy: learn everything that you can, whenever you can, at whatever time you can. Be a sponge. Soak everything up.

Documenting your progress

It’s always a good thing to keep a history of your own self and your progression over time. You’ll be able to learn from yourself, which is an unbelievable feeling. You’ll see how far you’ve come from the beginning of your journey in your profession as well as how much farther you need to go to meet your own expectations. This can be as simple as writing things down as you go in a daily or weekly journal, or even taking pictures of your work and keeping the photos in a place that you can easily manage them.

Being wrong means being right sometimes

Be prepared to be wrong sometimes, and embrace failing. It’s not good to always fail, but in moderation, failing can mean learning on the highest level. You know exactly what not to do. And you’ll see how good it is to be right too. This can’t happen unless you possess an open mind and a progressive attitude.


Take the time every week to reflect on the things that you’ve done. Much like what has been said earlier, reflecting is essential to seeing your progress. You’ll know where to work on things within yourself and where you’re putting too much of your time into. Nobody wants to live their life and not know what it takes to learn from their own self.

What else would you say can help you learn how to become successful?

Image credit: keoni101