While Rice University students are busy playing Skyrim, students at American University will have the opportunity to take a semester course this spring called “The 50 Shades Trilogy.”

Fifty Shades has been both a page-turner and head-turner for many over the past year, as it rose to the top of sales ranks and into the eyes of controversy. Without a doubt, the sensitive subject surrounding the erotic Fifty Shades trilogy is what inspired American University professor Stef Woods to use it as the subject for her latest course.

“When it comes to a trilogy that inspired so many conversations and such discussion, whether related to PR, marketing, sexuality or health, the Fifty Shades trilogy has broken a lot of records and a lot of rules,” Woods told USA Today. “When I thought of discussion with that, it seemed perfect for an academic setting.”

So you’re unlikely to find girls huddled together and giggling while reading passages from the books. The curriculum includes guest speakers and 25 pages worth of written assignments. Furthermore, students will be rewriting the first 150 pages of the trilogy’s first novel, Fifty Shades of Grey. This is described as an opportunity for students to “analyze the content and style of the book by reworking the presentation within the beginning of the trilogy’s first book.”

“I would say it’s a conversation piece,” Woods said. “It gives students who take the class this opportunity to turn anything into a learning experience of an academic caliber.”