1. Freecycle 

One man’s trash is, afterall, another man’s treasure. This website may not be much to look at, but it provides a forum for a perpetual swap meet. Divided by city or town, Freecycle is entirely free to join using a Yahoo, Gmail, or Facebook account. Users can receive optional email notifications in the form of daily digests, and post items they are hoping to get rid of or are hoping to find. From refrigerators to empty egg cartons, from kitchen ware to clothing, keeping an eye on this site will definitely save you a buck or two. Similar sites like bigfreeworld and freegle offer like minded venues for trade and sharing.

2. Get paid for your old electronics

Want to buy the iPhone 5, but still have an iPhone 4? Wish you could justify getting a smaller tablet, a faster laptop, or a smarter cell phone? Well, Gazelle.com has a solution. Like a pawn shop stripped of its traditionally unsavory elements, Gazelle provides a user friendly platform and will offer cash for certain models of cell phone, laptop, and other electronics. Finance a new purchase and get rid of old useless clutter, a money saving win.

3. Coupon Apps, Group Bargains, and more

Mobile coupons are the wave of the bargain buyer’s future. Apps like Coupon Sherpa and Cellfire detect their shopper’s location and display the best coupon’s available nearby. A coupon clipper’s dream come true, most of the coupons available from these apps are scannable—from phone to register with zero fuss. For discounts off events, services, and things you might not know you wanted to try, Groupon and LivingSocial are two of the best coupon collecting websites around.

4. Always Buy the Cheapest Gas

Don’t get caught with an empty tank and a heavy heart. Let apps like Cheap Gas! and websites like GasBuddy.com turn buying gas into a breeze. The app uses GPS to determine location, compare prices, and guide the user to the cheapest gas around. The website lets the user shop for the best deals before leaving home. With fuel prices at an all time high, no one should miss out on this money saving technique.

5. Digital Stamp Cards and Customer Loyalty Programs

Finally, there’s a digital solution for the messy, bursting at the seams wallet. Thanks to websites like Rezoop.com, customers can now use a handheld device to scan a small barcode at the cash register of their favorite coffee shop or bookstore, and prove their loyalty to receive rewards and discounts. Available to all variety of businesses, and free for all to use, Rezoop provides retailers and service providers with an alternative to easy-to-lose stamp cards, allowing each company to choose how and when rewards are offered, and all the customer has to do is press a button.

6. Free Home Phone

Let services like Skype, Rebtel, and Google Voice be your telephone. These use an internet connection to allow users to make phone calls (some accompanied by video) without requiring a physical phone or a phone line. Many providers offer calls for free, especially if made within the United States, and most are also available as a mobile app.

7. See 4 Movies for Only $19.99 a Month

That’s how much a membership to The Weekly Cinema Club costs. This great website offers 4 movie tickets per month, and with movie tickets going for nearly $13 per person, that’s a remarkable deal. Tickets are redeemable at almost every movie theater out there, big or small, because The Weekly Cinema Club has joined efforts with online movie ticket providers like Fandango.com and Movietickets.com to ensure your $20 won’t be wasted. It’s the perfect way for couples or families to afford a fun night out.