Finals aren’t final here.

It’s not the end of your college career or life. We often get short-sighted during this period, getting tunnel vision about every hour, every page, and every grade that before we were a lot calmer about. Well, as I’ve stated repeatedly, I’m not  grades person: for when the finals haze evaporates, hopefully this can help you regain the bigger picture during your Winter break.

1. Hustle

September seemed forever ago, right? Have you done everything you said you were going to do this year?

Not even close, right? I know I haven’t. Poker night hasn’t materialized. The gym seems too far and cold. Cooking, as it turns out, is a lot harder than ordering pizza. That girl in math class is scary to talk to.

I’m sure you did lots of cool things this semester, even if it doesn’t feel like it (just try to remember everything that happened in your current house/dorm: a lot, right?) But if you really want a great year, you have to pounce. You’re lazy and so am I. So, treat January like a new September and cram the fun in. You procrastinate and cram in work later; why not do the same with your resolutions?

2. Travel

Go to another college. I know, I know- it’s cold. That’s what stopped me from wanting to go to New York or even local colleges to visit friends. “It’s cold” I whined. Well, good news: it’s cold where you are too. Man (or woman) up and go visit someone and so something.

3. Study Earlier

Hey, turns out if I didn’t get a D on my Astronomy Midterm than this Final wouldn’t feel so urgent. If I didn’t skip and sleep through half the classes, maybe I’d have been able to name all the planets (in my defense: Astronomy is boring.) Regardless, if Finals have you stressed now, start studying earlier next time- but actually- and you can enjoy a nice hard cider.

4. Sweat The Small Stuff

Clean your room, dude. Organize your work. Take notes and don’t hand in your essay with typos. If you follow all the small rules you can break the big ones. You know who said that? Julia from 1984. Which reminds me: read your books gradually so you don’t have to cram literature down your own throat. That way you can drink the night before a final, confident that you understand the class rather than worrying if you memorized enough confusing facts.

5. Be Adventerous

The first semester is for establishing your year. It’s for figuring out who your people will likely be that year and what you’ll be doing as the year continues. It’s about figuring stuff out on the fly. That means that second semester likely means following the path you set for yourself in the first semester. I say “meh” to that. Don’t let momentum and routine keep you in line for a predictable second semester. Seek change and adventure, and, when they find you, follow them instead of complaining about studying. It’s college, yo. Take action.