Who actually likes Facebook apps? For me, few things are more bothersome when browsing Facebook than clicking on an article to discover that a social reader will now take the liberty of broadcasting that I just read an article about the president’s dog to everyone I know. Or, even worse, websites or apps that will link to your Facebook account in order to make sure that your Facebook friends know what you’re doing every single time you browse any website. Having these websites and mobile apps linked with your Facebook account is not only extremely annoying, but its also one of the most subversive ways that websites collect personal information about you,  making it also a potential invasion of privacy.

Chances are that I’m not alone in my hatred of having every single thing I do online or with my smartphone become a matter of public record, but luckily there is a solution. So if you’d like to do away with all Facebook apps, and I do mean all of them, here are the steps you need to take:

1.) Log into Facebook from a web browser, preferably on a non-mobile device. If using a smartphone and tablet and don’t have access to a desktop or laptop, request the full version of the site.

2.) Click on the drop-down menu on the upper-right corner and select Privacy Settings.

3.) Click the Edit Settings link next to Ads, Apps, and Websites.

4.) In the Apps section of this page, click the link at the bottom of the list of installed apps that reads ”Turn off your ability to use apps, plugins, and websites on and off Facebook.”

5.) Confirm that you wish to disable all apps by clicking “Turn off Platform.”

And you’re done. Not only will your Facebook be free of annoying apps, but you’ll also have the comfort of knowing that other websites can no longer access your information while logged into Facebook.

EDIT: A few commenters have voiced confusion over whether or not this process works. Facebook doesn’t actually give notification for when the platform has been disabled, but a red X will appear next to the blurb of text that reads “Turn off your ability to use apps, plugins, and websites on and off Facebook” if the platform has been disabled. Sorry for the confusion!