One of the more aggravating disadvantages inherent in browsing the web with Safari for iOS is the browser’s lack of support for extensions. Whereas Chrome users can utilize an extension to send links from their desktop to their phone, or save web pages with note taking apps like Evernote, iPhone and iPad users aren’t quite so lucky. But, iOS users may not be aware of a handy little workaround for this shortcoming in the form of bookmarklets.

Bookmarklets, as the name suggests, are essentially bookmarks that act much like a browser extension would by utilizing a line of JavaScript. For example, by saving a the bookmarklet, you can easily click on that bookmarklet while browsing another page to create a shortened URL from, or use the Facebook bookmarklet to automatically share a link on your feed. While you can usually find these bookmarklets on websites, here’s how to quickly install bookmarklets and begin using them on your own iOS device.

1.) Select the bookmarklet you want to install using Safari from Digital Inspiration’s master list of bookmarklets.
2.) Click the arrow button next to the URL bar and select “Bookmark.”
3.) Click the bookmark button, and then “Edit.”
4.) Click the bookmark you just created, and remove the URL and hashtag before the JavaScript (Example:

It’s quick and simple, and after doing so, your iOS browser will begin to feel a lot more user friendly and intuitive by allowing you to perform a ton of handy, extension-like functions using nothing but Safari. If you’d like to see this process performed in real-time, Digital Inspiration’s Amit Agarwal also has a quick video tutorial that shows you how to install bookmarklets for your iOS device step-by-step:

(via Digital Inspirations)