The world of subscription-based internet services revolves around a practice that is essentially the bedrock from which a new website gains the trust and loyalty of new users: the free trial. Whether it be Hulu+, an online video game, or Amazon Prime, the internet loves throwing two-week trials at you, because most websites realize that people are too lazy to do either, and usually both, of these two things: A.) Cancel before the subscription runs out, or B.) sign up again with another email. While you may be unwilling to go through the whole ordeal of creating a fake email every two weeks, here’s a way of getting around the one-email, one-account limitation when signing up for trial accounts using a Gmail address.

In the loophole to end all internet loopholes, it turns out that Google doesn’t recognize periods in their email addresses. But, you can use as many periods as you like when making your email address. This means that [email protected], [email protected], or even [email protected] are all read as the same email address by Google. Most websites, however, do not read these addresses as the same, meaning that you can keep using the same email address with minor variations in period placement to make multiple (and presumably free) accounts over and over again. While you still have to go through the pain of making a new account every time your trial subscription ends, you at least won’t need a whole new email account as well.

Certain sites will check for periods, however, meaning that it isn’t entirely fullproof and you may not be able to use this trick for everything, or forever. With that in mind, take advantage of this hack while you can, because who knows when sites will catch on to this little loophole. If you find any that are guaranteed to work or not with this hack, let us know in the comments!