Clearly, I’m a big proponent of streaming movies and TV shows on the web in lieu of using cable. With an HDMI cable and a laptop, your computer can act as more-than-suitable replacement for a cable box. But, the biggest downside of streaming vs. regular old television is the fact that you have to find what you’re watching first. While you can pick up a recommendation or two from friends or some handsome writer on a college website, chances are that if you’re in the mood for a particular TV show or movie, you’re gonna run into a view speed bumps just in finding where to watch it at all, as The Oatmeal famously wrote about when attempting to watch Game of Thrones.

That’s where Can I Stream It? comes in. A free service created by Urban Pixels, it works as an aggregated search engine for the most popular streaming, rental, and retail services for movies and television online. While most of the options it presents aren’t free (a search for last week’s topic of HuTubeFlix, Would I Lie to You?, netted zero results), it still works as the best way of seeing which TV shows and movies these websites have available, especially if you have access to multiple subscription services like Amazon Prime or Hulu+.

In addition to the website, Can I Stream It also has developed apps with the same search function for smartphones running iOS, Android, or Windows. Not only that, but the site also offers a Chrome extension and embeddable widget that links to a particular search result from Can I Stream It, which is great for a movie review site or just for sharing with friends on something like Tumblr.

Even better, CISI is in the process of implementing a reminder function for its members that will notify you when a particular TV show episode or movie becomes available on the streaming service of your choosing. So even if you can’t find what you’re looking for right away, you’ll know the minute that it does become available.

So if you also get tired of having to slog through various sites to find what you’re looking for, Can I Stream It is the best way I’ve found so far to quickly and easily find out what I can watch and where.