Once upon a time, Facebook messages operated as an informal version of email, and you were free to respond to Facebook messages after reading it on your on time, or even choose to ignore it. Then, earlier this year, Facebook opted to add a new feature that informed users of whether a sent message had been read by its intended recipient. Needless to say, not everyone was pleased about the change, and even less pleased over the fact that this feature can’t be turned off in Facebook settings. Thankfully, someone has finally found a work-around.

Crossrider has developed a browser extension called Chat Undetected that works for Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. It can be downloaded here at Crossrider and is small enough to be downloaded and installed without much hassle.

If you’re a Windows user, you may get a warning after the initial installation has begun for Chrome that the extension may be a PUA (potentially unwanted application), but this is only due to Windows not recognizing it and not because it isn’t safe. When installing for Firefox, however, I didn’t encounter any problems at all.

After the install is complete, you can finally use Facebook chat and read Facebook messages again without feeling the need to respond to them all immediately. So good news for you, bad news for any of your internet stalkers. But keep in mind, reading messages and chat on an Android or iPhone will still be marked as read by Facebook, as this extension only works with the browser on your main computer.