It’s the new year coming up, and while you’re planning your parties (everyone forgets to stock up on mixers, so get the extra Coke: no one wants to drink a rum-and-Sprite) there’s something else to plan for.

That’s right: resolutions.

Now most people I know don’t do these any more. Resolutions are passe. It’s lame to be earnest and self-improvement is less fun than an ice luge. Well, I say, you can do both. These college resolutions will make you a better person and give you a better time while doing them.

1. Settle Your Grudges

Having enemies is fun. I get that. It’s something to compare yourself to and to hiss at, to complain about and to mock. It’s something to do. But having something to do doesn’t mean you should do it. Gucci Mane and Young Jeezy might never become friends, sadly: but at the very least they can let the grudges dissolve.

What should you do? Forgive your exes. They did their best, and, even if they didn’t, whatever: they’re your ex. It’s in the  past. Dwelling on how they were crazy only serves to drive you crazy. Maybe they were, and for some reason you were dating a lunatic. More likely it’s nuanced. Either way, that’s the past tense. Let it slide and move into the New Year free of burdans.

2. Make it Small

Resolving something vague like “be healthy” or “be a better person” are bound to be forgotten by January 3rd. If you want to resolve something, make it specific as heck, and, more importantly, achievable. A good one is to resolve to do four push-ups a day. Super easy, right? Stupid and dumb. But think about it: do you do that? If you don’t, do. A small achievable goal is better than a big dramatic one you don’t follow through on. Plus with such a lame resolution you’re going to feel really lame if you don’t follow through. Skipping the gym is easy to justify. Weaseling out of four push-ups is a lot harder.

3. Make a To-Do List

Resolutions don’t have to be boring. They can be awesome.

Resolve to get to a Celtics game finally. Resolve to throw that party you keep telling everyone you’re going to throw but never actually throw because rum is expensive. Resolve to make a snow-fortress to hot-box. Make a check-list or a google-doc to collaborate with friends on things you resolve to do for next semester. Having other people on it can help keep you accountable.

4. Keep Talking

Talk is cheap; much cheaper than doing. But if you keep talking about what you’re going to do it keeps it on your mind and holds you accountable. Tell your gym-going friends you’re going to be going with them: don’t shut up about it. Because when they call you and you don’t feel like going they’ll force you to. Plan ahead for your own laziness and trap yourself into self improvement.

5. Don’t Quit

You’re going to slip up. That’s natural; we’re all human.The problem is when your resolution comes and you slip back into old bad habits it’s tempting to give up and forget all about the resolution. Failing is lame, sure, but not trying is the real failure. So quit smoking, start up, quit, start, quit, start, and quit if you have to- all in the first week. Improvements a process and it can take effort. Stick with it, yo.

6. Stop Saying “Swag”

That’s a freebie resolution. Cut that out and it’s a successful 2013.