As one of the many internet-addicted members of Generation Y, I usually can’t go longer than five minutes without fiddling with my smartphone. As a result, the words “What’s your WiFi password?” are usually heard anytime I walk into a friend’s house. What then follows tends to be a lengthy exchange of verbally reciting ungodly combinations of letters and numbers, which I am almost assuredly going to mishear the first time.

It’s a routine played out in offices, classrooms, and houses across the world, and a Reddit user took notice. Since that same smartphone that I desperately need to connect to the internet can also read QR codes, why not just save the WiFi password in one of those instead? Specifically in the form of an enormous, printable QR code that can be easily framed, hung up, and then easily accessed by anyone?

By going to this website, users can input their SSID, password, and network type along with a customizable caption in order to create a large QR code that is then saved in the file type of your choosing, making it easy to quickly generate and print a code with little to no effort on your part. You can even change the foreground and background colors of the code to make it a little more aesthetically pleasing when hanging in your entryway, but do keep in mind that they generally come in black and white for good reason; contrast is extremely important when accurately reading QR codes, so make sure it easily stands out.

Given that this is one of the most practical ways to use a QR code that we’ve seen so far, we highly recommend using this free tool and cut down on the amount of hassle when friends or coworkers are trying to get online.