If you’re a high school student considering which college you should attend, you should not rule out your local community college!  While going to a community college does have a lot of prominent down falls (still living at home, only going to a real university for two years once you transfer, less opportunities, etc.) community colleges actually have some benefits.

Not having a huge commitment

Going to a real four year university, is a big commitment. It costs a lot of money, all your family and friends know you go there, and will all know if you decide to drop out. A community college is the perfect place to decide if you even want to go to college, figure out your major, etc.

Smaller class sizes

I am in my second year of college at a community college, and I have never had a class with more than forty students. A forty student class is actually rare, and most of my classes have around twenty students. Also, the majority of my professors know every student’s name.  A community college is like “high school part two.”  The small class sizes are great for students, and feels more personal than how I imagine taking a class in a lecture hall feels.


Although community college prices are quickly rising they are still way cheaper to attend than four year universities.  At most community colleges, the students pay by the unit and that cost is around $40-$50. So, if one took 15 units for two years they could finish their first two years of college for around $3000.  That is a pretty good deal.

Part time

Community colleges are more welcome to students going to school part time. There is no penalty for only taking three units or eleven units. The significance is that community colleges are good colleges for people with full time jobs to go to.

Living at home

Community colleges are everywhere, and if your parents allow it, one can stay living at home while going to a community college. While this for some people may be a negative aspect of going to a community college, if you live at home you do not have to pay for an apartment/dorm, you do not have to pay for food, you do not have to miss your dog, etc.

Fresh start

The greatest benefit of going to a community college, is that what you accomplished in high school does not matter. You could have gotten all Cs in high school or even dropped out of high school, and then go to a community college and transfer to UC Berkeley, CA.  Community college is a clean slate.