These days, it’s increasingly common to see young people forgo a cable subscription in favor of watching movies and TV online. As most TVs now have HDMI and VGA outputs that allow you to connect your computer in the same way you would a monitor, it’s also pretty clear why. While a Netflix and Hulu+ subscription will save you a boatload when compared to cable, using your regular computer to watch TV does mean that you can never surf the web or watch TV at the same time. Sure, you could make or buy a PC to be your media center, but that’ll run you at least a few hundred dollars.

That’s where the Mini MK802 Android mini computer comes in. Costing only $35, this nifty device comes loaded with a fully functional Android 4.0 operating system, and looks almost exactly like a flash drive small enough to fit on your keychain. While it may look unimpressive at first glance, the MK802 can not only fit into any HDMI display, but also has a particularly handy USB port to run peripheral equipment like a mouse and a keyboard.

While that level of convenience is nice, the real draw is the amount of power packed into this tiny device. It features a 802.11b/g receiver for easy access to a WiFi network, and even a MicroSD card that allows for up to 32GB of internal storage. That’s the same level of storage capacity currently available for the best tablets currently on the market. Most importantly, the MK802 offers 1080p video support, meaning that you can easily watch HD videos on Netflix.

The MK802 can be purchased on Amazon, but currently only ships within the US. Along with the mini computer itself, you’ll get an HDMI cable, a mini USB cable, a mini USB adapter, and a charging kit. For a hands-on look at the device in action, check out this video courtesy of the MK802 developers.