We all want to enjoy the sumptuous gluttony of the holidays, but our waistbands can’t really afford the extra 2,000 calories a day. Not to mention the stomachaches and food comas to follow. Here are a couple of silly ways to help trick yourself into eating less this holiday season, so you can make the most of your family time, from dawn until dusk.

1) Tighter Clothes: Believe it or not, wearing tighter clothes will actually help you eat less in one sitting. Try eating second and third helpings in a skintight dress, or those skinny jeans you love. It will lead to one uncomfortable evening. Go ahead and wear the tight clothes, and leave the tunic and leggings at home. If you want to curb your caloric intake, you’ll be much more aware of the food belly, both visually and physically, when you’re clad in jersey knit.

2) Water First: This is the easiest way to stay healthy during just about any activity, and a great way to make your belly feel full. Start each day with a full glass of water, and drink a full glass at the beginning of every meal. You’re belly will feel nice and full before a single morsel of fruitcake finds its way to your mouth, and you’ll eat less throughout the day. Water is the fuel of life, and will help you stay cleansed, hydrated, and semi-sober, no matter how much you try to consume and imbibe.

3) Start With Veggies: So you’re at the snack station, stocked with fresh vegetables, chewy cookies, shrimp cocktail, and dozens of different dips and varieties of chips. Or maybe you’re sitting down for your Christmas meal, with succulent steak, Christmas ham, and four different kinds of potatoes. Either way, the best way to reduce your heavy calories is to start with the vegetables. High fiber veggies, like carrots and broccoli have high volume and low calories, so they are great at filling up your stomach without tons of sugar and fat. Then, you can enjoy your smaller slice of cheesecake, knowing you’ve already consumed your vegetables for the day!

4) Brush Your Teeth: Seriously, it helps. When you brush your teeth right before arriving at a party, you’re less inclined to hit the Doritos right away. You can also brush right after dinner and avoid the extra sugary desserts. Sure, you’ll probably break your resolve if you brush your teeth at 3pm, but it will certainly curb your consumption for a few hours, while you fill up on water and conversation! Not to mention how much your chatty friends will appreciate your minty breath!

5) Slow Down: We’ve all heard it before: slow down when you eat. It’s still true. You should certainly heed this advice if you want to keep a healthy, happy, and slim tummy. We often overeat simply because we eat too much too fast, without letting our bodies realize we’re full. Make a point to chew every bite, put your fork down, and contribute to the conversation. Then afterwards you can skip the Tums and head straight for the Wii bowling tournament with everyone else! Or hit the bar while your family members sleep off their food comas.