Texting and driving: we’ve all done it at least once in our lifetime. It’s a nasty habit that can lead to very lethal consequences. But how can you put your phone down and simply not text while you’re driving. Here are a few ways.


(iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry users)

This is one that I personally use and it works great. When it’s activated, it will read your texts out loud so that you don’t have to pick your phone up and read it yourself. You an also activate a pre-set thing that lets people know that you’re driving when they text you. Great basic application for anyone’s use.


(iPhone and Android users)

This application is basically like a driving coach while you’re driving, giving you safety tips and eliminating any distractions on the way. It’ll be like you’re in driver’s training again and you’re trying to make sure that you do everything to pass your driver’s test. It also tracks all of your driving information to give you all of your statistics on your driving mileage, any violations that you may have while you drive, and your average speed total. It’s great for people who want to better themselves as drivers.


(Android users, iPhone coming soon)

This app is used to purely take away any distractions that you may have while driving. It aims at eliminating any texts or calls that may come in (by auto-responding, not deleting or ignoring them) so that you get to your desired destination safely.

The Canary Project

(iPhone and Android users)

This is an application that is mainly for parents and will send alerts to them whenever their child is using their phone while they’re driving. It’s probably better fitted for teens but is still, nonetheless, a great app to check out because of how focused it is on curbing phone use while driving. 

Move it out of reach

A method that one of my friends utilizes is putting the phone in her trunk while she’s driving. That’s a very literal way to move it out of your reach while you’re driving, that way you don’t have access to it while you’re on the roads.

Another thing that you can do is put it on silent or shut it down and put it in the back seat while you’re driving. Put on some good tunes while you drive and just coast your way to your destination. You could even bring a phone companion along with you on your drive so that they can text for you or hold onto your phone so that you can resist the urge to pick it up and read that unimportant text.

Last thing to add: it is extremely important to not text and drive. I know it sounds like a lecture but many people fail to see how fatal it can be to simply pick up your phone and take your eyes off of the road for just a few seconds. None of us are invincible, remember that.