I’m sitting here on the eve of the end of my Winter Break (I know – I wish it wasn’t so, either), and I’m reflecting on my visit home. There’s been a lot of proverbial fireworks – Christmas, getting to see family and friends, and a lot of college football, just to name a few. We’re not going to talk about the Sugar Bowl, because it will drive me nuts for at least another calendar year, but sitting on the couch and watching ESPN has long been a pastime my father and I enjoy.

And what I realize about being home is that the days of canned beer are over. That’s not saying that once you graduate college you’ll never have a can again, but for some reason, you’re able to splurge a few pennies more for the bottle of Sam Adams than the can of Natty.

For most beers (or fancy sodas, for those who don’t imbibe), this means you need to employ the good old bottle opener. Not a problem at home when you can just walk to the kitchen, but in college – especially in shared living spaces like a dormitory or Greek housing – the potential for a bottle opener to be quickly accessible is next to nil. Either you never invested in one (like me, who relied on the bottom of my Reef sandals), or you go searching to find one.

This is certainly a problem. I barely used my sandals – because unless you’re enjoying a brewski on the beach, it’s both impractical and unsanitary, and the friends who lent their bottle openers out to shmucks like me often found them lost quickly. It’s the same problem smokers experience with lighters, but with a much larger demographic.

Enter the BROpener. You can attach a BROpener to any surface, and it will not only open your bottle but use a magnet to catch the bottle cap. No chasing, no mess, no worries. I’ve not personally used one yet, but I’m looking into investing into the product, especially because my friends and I enjoy collecting the custom bottle caps that Sam Adams makes.

BROpener isn’t available yet, but their Kickstarter is linked above. Help solve a new college dilemma and save your friends’ possessions and furniture in the process.