The start of a new year brings fresh opportunity for the college student. New Years’ sentiments combined with a fresh slate of classes to evoke a sense possibility, whether you’re a freshman worlds wiser after your first semester or a senior staring the real world in the face. Along with those potent moments of spontaneity and craziness, college is largely filled with routines. Lectures, labs, laundry and loans demand your attention, but handling the day-to-day activities better would free up more time to create the moments that will last forever. Use your New Year’s inspiration to improve college life and set yourself up for the future.

Get an Internship

Four years may feel like a long time, but it goes faster than you think. Soon enough, you’ll be thrown out in the job market, and unless your content moving back into your parents basement; preparation is vital. Along with soaking up information in the classroom, one of the best ways to prepare yourself for graduation is through internships. According to the National Association of Colleges and Employer’s 2011 Student Survey, almost 40 percent of students with an internship got a job. Not only does professional experience look good on a resume, it also gives in a inside look at a potential career path.

Not all internships are sorting mail and getting coffee, either. The Art Institutes and The Human Society of the United States just announced the winner of their Fur-Free Fashion Competition, according to their press release. The winner, Argosy University student Nicolle Bajgrowicz, will fly to New York for a week-long internship with a professional designer.

Try Five New Clubs

There’s no other time when you’ll more opportunity to try new things than in college. It’s easy to let sporting events, concerts and parties dominate your time, but clubs offer the chance to meet new people in unique settings. Develop your beliefs by attending a spectrum of religious and political clubs, or take on a completely new task and join the rock climbing club. The activities are great, but you’ll learn invaluable lessons about yourself from a broad scope of people.

Commit to checking out five new clubs this year. You don’t have to ditch your friends or bail on your current responsibilities, but you won’t regret taking a peek at what else it out there.

Be a Better Roommate

College life is filled with growing relationships, and there may be none more important than your the interaction between you and your roommate. They may not be your best friend, but a healthy relationship creates that all-important feeling of peace when you come home. The problem is, tight quarters and busy lives are a recipe for conflict. After a brutal test, it’s frustrating to come home with your roommate clothes on your side of the dorm — or worse — to get spurned denied access by that not-so-subtle clothing garment on the door knob.

No matter what your relationship with your roommate is, they’ll appreciate you paying more attention to their needs on the home front. Clean up before your heap of possessions creeps into your roommate’s personal space, and ask before you blast music at full volume. Small considerations can make a big difference in your relationship.