School is starting again, and that means less time for you to focus on things like your New Years resolutions. You’re going to be bombarded with class and work life yet again. But part of making your resolution means that you’re vowing to stick with it. Here are some tips on how to do so.

Center your goals on them

With a resolution, it’s important to focus heavily on the things that can help you stick with it. For example, if your resolution was to stop drinking alcohol so frequently, one of your goals would be to stay away from bars or club areas, or even to find alternative plans for the nights that you normally go out to consume the alcohol.

By centering your goals around your resolution, you’re empowering yourself to accomplish anything that you set your mind to. You’ll give yourself ample opportunity to succeed and you’ll gain confidence with other facets of your life in the process.

Tell your friends

The support system around you when you’re trying to stick with your resolution is an intricate part of being successful. If you have people around you that couldn’t care less about you accomplishing a goal, your chances are slimmer than they would be if your support system cheered you on. This includes family members, close friends, significant others, or even your mentors.

It’s important to note that having a support system can make all the difference. Think of the support system of a team. The more support that they have, the more that they’ll believe in themselves that they can accomplish their goals.

Challenge yourself

How bad do you really want it? Enough to make it hard for yourself?

When you have a resolution that you’re adamant about focusing on, there won’t be anything around you that can stop you from accomplishing it. So if you want to be lofty, make a resolution that you know is big. Try to do something that you’ve never done before with it. For example, you can make a resolution to travel to places on foot 5 days out of the week.  It’s lofty, yes. But it’ll be a challenge for you. Think of all the possibilities that you have to challenge yourself and take initiative with it.

Reward yourself after mini-milestones

I haven’t eaten McDonald’s since April of last year, not as a New Year’s resolution but as a life resolution. It was more of an effort to stop eating unhealthy foods and to start eating the right things more often. After a while of not eating unhealthily, I rewarded myself with something small, like a pizza, to celebrate.

The point is that it’s important for you in your resolutions to give yourself a pat on the back every once in a while for all of the hard work that you’re putting into bettering yourself. Something small every once in a while (just as long as you have enough self-discipline and control) will remind you exactly the reason why you made your resolution in the first place. That’s important.