We hope your 2012 went as well as ours over here at HackCollege. And while we like to think every article is the best article, some shine above the rest by getting to the core of what you, our audience, expect from us. And you can keep expect to see more great content like this throughout 2013.

Understanding Procrastination

Graeme Carson’s thoughts on procrastination really opened my eyes to present me, well past me now, and how he’s been messing with future me by putting things off. We as humans can’t help it though, we just want instant gratification whenever possible. The key is to change your mindset and not take on too much at once, split your time between tasks and fun, and reward yourself when you’ve done something worthy of reward. You may never “beat” procrastination, but you can balance your time effectively and find yourself a healthier and happier person because of it.

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10 Cooking Hacks To Get More Bang For Your Buck

If there’s one thing to learn in life, it’s that lists make everything better. Especially shopping. And that goes double for grocery shopping. Our fearless leader, Greg, gives some great cooking and grocery shopping tips for those getting used to not having meals prepared for them. You’ll find that cooking your own meals is not only a valuable skill, it’s a healthier alternative to take-out that not only leaves more leftovers, but also saves tons of cash.

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How To Be Frugal In College

Balancing personal finances is an important part of the college experience. Many fail to grasp the value of a dollar, learning their lessons the hard way. Tony Hue dishes out some great advice, along with free services to use to help you live a frugal life in college. In the end though, the best tip is not spend more than you have and to constantly be saving.

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How to Get Out of a Motivational Slump

John Paton’s quick advice on dealing with a lack of motivation is great for anyone sitting in front of their computer right now and wondering where to begin. Forget about time constraints and all of the work ahead of you. Simply aim to start somewhere, preferably on something simple and accomplishable, and work your way up.

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6 Productivity Tips for Small Work Spaces

Your workspace should not be a place you dread, it should “feel comfortable and welcoming,” as Elyse says. Get rid of the trash and the mountain of personal trinkets, keep it simple and clean. You want to maximize that limited space effectively.

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Tips For Taking Online Classes

Online classes are a great way for commuting students to cut down on long trips to campus or to supplement your schedule without the burden of a traditional classroom. Logan offers some handy tips from his personal online class taking experiences, including how to handle the transition to the online environment without wasting your time on Reddit all day.

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7 Crucial Habits to Build During School

Herbert Lui’s seven crucial habits are fundamental to any college student looking to grow into a stable and successful adult.

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10 Healthy Snacks Even College Kids Can Afford

Loving a bag of potato chips more than baby carrots is not surprising when in the midst of an intense study session. But when your papers are greasy, and your stomach starts to churn, you’ll be sorry. In this article, Caitlin gives some great alternatives to those chips that may help you fight off the freshman 15, or lose it if we’re too late to help prevent that.

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4 Ways Students Can Make the Most of Linkedin

We’ve discovered that students aren’t doing enough to market themselves online for their career prospects. In this article, Sarah gives great tips for using Linkedin, the world’s foremost professional social network, to get your name out to the world and make connections relevant to your career path.

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5 Decorating Tips For Getting the Most Out of Small Spaces

Adding a little class to your dorm or room can make a great impression on both friends and dates. Guest author Caitlyn Finnegan throws out some tips for making your small personal space seem bigger and classier, including choosing a large focal point, a light color palette, and situating furniture at an angle.

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How To Maximize Your Sleep Schedule

So your day is long and you may be finding it difficult to balance a proper night’s sleep. However, with a little help and some advice from Robbie, you may find it easier than expected to get yourself the energy you need to make your day more enjoyable. And that’s without overloading on caffeine.

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