You’re going to be back at school soon. If you’re anything like me, it can’t come quickly enough. College is like Hogwarts, except instead of magic its parties and instead of Slytherin it’s Zeta Psi and instead of Emma Watson it actually might be Emma Watson, you know, if you got them good grades and such.

So what are you going to do this semester? For Freshmen, you have the chance to finally shake off your rookie dust and set yourself up for success. For Sophomores, it’s a time to pass the guard into upper-classmanship. For Juniors it’s a chance to party hard knowing you have another year, and for Seniors like myself, it’s time to party even harder knowing your out of time.

1. Bring Back Stuff From Home

Yeah, you don’t really want to carry home all those leftovers. No, you don’t want to look through your closet and take back this and that shirt. No, mom, I don’t want to bring the orange juice back to school.

Bring it all. You forget, when stuck at home, the college mentality: scavenge, at all costs. Repeat after me: your suburban home is full of free stuff.

So: what are you waiting for? When are you going to have orange juice at your college house? When you pay for it? Bull. And bring those socks. Sure, you could always buy socks at college…or for the same money you could buy a pizza. Think about it that way. Every ten dollars of stuff you don’t bring from home is a pizza uneaten. With that mindset I bet you can find a lot to bring.

Oh, also: bring that video-game system you have. You forget every year, so I’m telling you now: bring that N64 now and thank me later. And if you don’t have on hit eBay. C’mon, dude. It’s awesome.

2. Re-Up.

It can be hard to keep things rolling in the second semester. If you’re a Junior, maybe you have different friends abroad and new friends back. Maybe your hookup pal had a change of policy in the month away, or, more likely, maybe it just faded away because, c’mon, thats what happens. Suddenly, after a month, your momentum is shot; you’re starting from scratch.


After break you have the chance to redo things. Your momentum is gone, which is a bummer, but now’s a perfect time to re-examine the direction you’re in. Should you break up with your girlfriend? Maybe, or maybe not. But if so, now is the time. Are you ready to start studying hard? Maybe, maybe not: but now is the time. You have a fresh start in a semester that, Benjamin Button style, is warming up as it goes along. Embrace that and embrace new choices and paths. It’s going to be harder to ride the wave of what you were doing before, but it’ll be easier to start new things, too.

3. Plan For Your Summer

Remember how lame it was to do nothing for a month? Learn your lesson and get your summer in line. Now. Trust me.

4. Start Fast

Remember how fast last semester went? This semester is going to go even faster. That’s just what happens; that’s just science. So take advantage of it and go faster to match. Don’t let the weeks go by like you have all year to do something. You don’t. Nows the chance to live up to what you said you’d do. So? Do it. And do it fast, dude. The clock is ticking.