These days, laptops are an altogether necessary part of college life. While there are quite a few benefits to tablets and laptops becoming a normal site in college classrooms worldwide, such as never having to go more than five minutes without looking at cat pictures on reddit, there are of course a few drawbacks as well. Not only have outlets in libraries become a premium for when you inevitably run low on battery life, but the simple act of carrying your gadget with you at virtually all times can be a pain, both figuratively and literally. Plus, students leaving campus after late-night study sessions with their only computers in tow often make tempting targets for theft.

Last December, Drexel University in Philadelphia decided to introduce a novel way of helping out students in need of a laptop: a Macbook vending machine. Located in Drexel’s Hagerty Library, any student, faculty, or staff member with a current Drexel ID may rent one of 12 Macbooks for up to five hours, 24/7. The best part? It’s completely free. Assuming you return it on time, of course.

In between uses, the vending machine will both charge the Macbooks while also wiping the hard drive so students won’t have to worry about leaving any personal information around for the next recipient. Additionally, the self-serve vending machine can be used at any time of day, a move which Drexel says will “[provide] a solution to students who don’t want to carry a laptop while walking late at night from their dorm or off-campus housing to the library.”

According to Drexel’s blog, the success of the Macbook vending machine’s reception, as well as the availability of funds, may lead to the installation of more vending machines like this in other campus locations, and are even considering adding an iPad vending machine as well.