College is, first and foremost, all about you getting the best education you can to prepare yourself for life.  

But on a secondary level, college is also all about discovering your tastes, interests, preferences, and celebrating the freedom that comes with getting older.  For some college students, one of the things they discover about themselves is that they really enjoy having a nice cold brew from time to time.  Turning 21 and striking out on your own means that you get to decide which types of adult beverage you enjoy, and which you could do without.

For many students who are making the distinction between what they like and what they don’t, a growingly popular choice has become good old hard cider.  Once eschewed as a mild or “girly” drink of choice, hard cider in recent years has seen a sudden resurgence in popularity rival to when it was once enjoyed in the US.  For people who are suddenly becoming aware of the tasty delights of a good alcoholic cider, you might be surprised to learn that in the days of America’s founding fathers, cider was enjoyed excessively, with even children regularly partaking in a (slightly less alcoholic) version of the stuff.

So whether you’ve been a cider aficionado for years or you’re just getting into this world of apple-flavored delight, take a look at the following infographic and see for yourself the proud history of hard cider.

Cider Infographic

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Cider Infographic