The second semester’s started, and that means its time to get going. Break is over, and all the rust you gathered over the month or so you spent eating and napping in the suburbs was biding time for this. It’s college. Life is buzzing all around you! It’s time to take action, right after this short nap…

1. No Naps

Easier said then done, but the point remains. You shouldn’t be taking naps to start your semester. Naps are a crucial part of any balanced sleep-diet, but they’re best used as short sleep-loans you use to keep yourself running long-term. A morning class after a long night out after a long week? That’s best solved with a nap, rather then caffeine, so you can chip away at your sleep-debt. But that’s for later. Now you’ve been used to 10-hour sleeping days over break, at the minimum, and you need to wean your body off of that. That amount of sleep is fine when nothings going on, but now stuff is happening. Your body is greedy. Shut it down. Have some coffee, and save naps for a real pick-up.

2. Wrap Up Loose Ends

The new semester is a new start. So take advantage of that and change up things from the previous semester. Clean out your fridge finally. Clean your damn room. Give yourself the new start you deserve instead of picking up directly from the previous semester and you’ll be happier for it. Any beefs, dislikes or issues should be cleared or forgotten too. It’s a new era. Everything previous is so last semester.

3. Figure Out Classes

The rules of the game: nothing before 10:30, period, two classes on-major, one class that’s a stupid requirement and one class that looks cool are the picks to have. Personally, I’d recommend nothing before noon, but that’s a personal decision. Don’t stay in any class just because you signed up for it if it’s boring, too small (class participation means you can’t flake) too big (you’ll fall asleep) or too difficult (three examinations and three papers? No thanks.) By all means challenge yourself and explore your options academically but you have enough options that, especially as a Junior or Senior, compromising is almost lazy. You can get what you want if you shop around a little.

4. Supplies

Get some oatmeal, yogurt, eggs, carrots and hummus in your fridge. In a pinch, you can now have any meal, or, at the least, any snack at a moments notice in a healthy cheap way. Get your books (online). Reorder your contact lesnes. Get your shampoo and stop using your housemates shampoo. Get toothpaste. Make sure you have enough toilet paper. Do your freaking laundry, you slob. Get all your objects in order and your life will follow suit pretty well. At the very least you won’t have to spend a whole day in weird non-fitting clothes scrambling to borrow a text-book, starving, with your hair smelling like “banana-citrus” or whatever Seth’s shampoo is, and that’s just good business.

5. Have Fun!

It’s the classic non-rule rule to have fun in college, but I mean it. Seek it out. Go to concerts. Do something other then just drinking and hanging out, but be sure to do that too. College is great and take advantage of it, because remember Winter break? Having nothing to do for days on end? Yeah. Now’s the time to make up for lost time.