Time to talk about everyone’s favorite college-time activity, partying. More importantly, how to host a good party. I like to think of myself as a pretty knowledgeable party thrower, and being successful at it isn’t as easy as it looks. Every good party essentially has 5 things: Music, Games, Drinks, People and Safety.


This is a vital part to your party, without a good playlist no one will dance and standing around talking gets awkward fast, don’t forget the only thing you have in common with most people here is that you like to party, ever have a 2 hour talk about that? Nope… Here’s what you do, get an I-pod or phone that will be dedicated to playing music all night long set one person to be the DJ or put it away on shuffle all night so that everyone and their brother doesn’t come up to change the music every 10 seconds.  Secondly, make your playlist HUGE! Think about it, say your party starts at ten, realistically it probably won’t go much past two a.m. That’s 4 hours of music playing, and no one wants to hear the same 20 songs over and over. A good idea is to have a mix of everything, and you can never go wrong with any party songs from the 90’s and early 00’s, we college kids love to yell the lyrics to songs like Country Grammar or Hot in Here (Go on, YouTube those classics and thank me later).


Obviously Beer-Pong is the current staple of all college parties, so you definitely need some sort of table to play on for the night. Other great party games are Flip-Cup and Waterfall, they’re easy enough for anyone to play and it’s a great way to meet new people or team up with that hot girl you’ve been too afraid to talk to all night. These games are great in their own right, however, if you or anyone you knows has old school video games (think N64, Mario Kart) they are always a hit at parties.


Legally you’re not allowed to drink until your 21 and everyone follows that law STRICTLY, okay that’s a lie we all know that. If you don’t want to supply the alcohol, make sure to tell everyone coming that it is BYOB, no one will mind but it’s not a good surprise to show up to a party thinking that there will be drinks and finding none. If you want to make a little money during your party, concoct the classic Jungle Juice. A little vodka and Kool-Aid mix goes along way and waking up with some cash in your pocket for hangover food is always a plus. Bottom line is, everyone always appreciates an option for a drink at parties, and even the most broke college kid can afford a 5 dollar cup of Jungle Juice.


The beginning of a party can be a very awkward time. Example: Say you and your roommates throw a party only 5 people show up at first, now you have 5 strangers in your house with party music playing all standing around…do you see how awkward this is? Good. Here’s how to prevent it: start your night off by inviting a handful of close friends, both guys and girls to pregame with you at your house.  This way once people start showing up they aren’t walking into an empty house but rather a party that’s already started. The most important part of any party is the guy to girl ratio. Parties with 50 guys and 6 girls are places that no one likes to be at so make sure your house isn’t one of them! Make it clear that guys need to bring ladies with them don’t let any big groups of just guys in (Trust me, they’ll come).


Last but definitely not least is keeping everyone safe. That means no MIP’s, No DUI’s, No fights and keep the cops out of it. All that you need to have a safe night is good prevention before hand and a straight mind as the night goes on. First off, take everything valuable that you care about and put it somewhere that no drunk kid can find it, for some reason people love to steal things at parties so the more you hide the better. Also, close and block your windows as best you can to make the fact that you’re throwing a party not as apparent. Lastly, if and more likely when the security or police come, keep calm. Don’t jump out of windows, don’t try and run, just stop and think. The choice here is yours, you can decline to talk to them and they may go away for the rest of the night, or they may go get a warrant to come in anyway. In my experience if you’re nice and talk to them, most of the time they just ask that you break up the party and have a good night.

Lastly, have a good time, you’re there to meet new people, hang out with friends and have fun. So don’t worry about the little things like the hot girl who eventually ended up making out with your roommate or the fact that someone ripped down your Fight Club poster (bastards). Cheers!