In recent (Internet) memory, it’s been very easy to hurdle dismantling rants at Microsoft for their often-disparaged web browser — and for years, it had become the butt of every joke for a millennial with an Internet connection. In Internet Explorer 10′s latest campaign, the software giant decided to reconnect with 90′s nostalgia in the hopes of rekindling our memories of better days, and subsequently, when Internet Explorer was a respectable browser (or the only available option, whichever comes last).

In the vein of the rest of their BrowserYouLovedtoHate campaign, the new video quietly dismantles preconceived notions about their brand, spends roughly 1:41 filling the screen with images of pogs, Lunchables, bowl haircuts and others tidbits of 90′s lifestyle, and ends with a note that aims to connect back to the very people who lost touch with their brand to begin with.

“You grew up, and so did we.”

The video, which was posted this morning on YouTube, promotes “the new Internet Explorer,” but their ability to reach the millennial group and the effectiveness of the campaign will be tried over the next few weeks. With shots of handheld cassette players, yo-yos and pump-up sneakers, there’s no question the video will speak to a generation defined by the 90s — and the video has all the potential attributes of a viral hit. Only time will tell if shots of 3.5-inch floppy disks and Super Soakers will increase IE10′s user-base, but one thing’s for certain, they are certainly pulling on the right I-remember-that-from-the-90s heart strings.