This little $90 gadget could save you hundreds of dollars in iPhone or iPad replacements — HipKey is a nifty little device that pairs with your gadgets, and lets you know when you’re drifting a little too far away from them.

HipKey isn’t limited to just iDevices, in fact you can keep track of most of your prized possessions including kids, and pets, if you feel like it. Made from aluminum and plastic, this convenient little Bluetooth dongle (yeah, the word dongle is hilarious) can be hooked up at a moments notice, and connected to your devices via their mobile app. If your device (or kid, or the leftovers you were saving for lunch that your roommate might be walking away with) drifts too far away from you, it will alert you with vibrations and alarm bells.

There are more features and ways to use HipKey, so head on over to their site if you’re interested in learning more.

[via Uncrate]