In a world where there’s a scholarship for everything exceptional (even playing video games), have you ever felt like you’ve been left behind? You’re okay at your studies, you stick it out through boring lectures, and sometimes you even start working on your term paper two days before it’s due. And yet, being just another college student gets you absolutely no credit from the world at large.

Well that’s no longer a problem because CollegeHumor is looking to give two of the most normal students they can find $5,000 towards their tuition. After all, being normal you probably need it.

The contest is open to any U.S. student at a four-year college. For seniors, however, it’s too late. You’ll have to watch your average underclassmen duke it out in the ultimate battle of normality.

To enter, you’ll need to tell in 100 to 1000 words why you’re average. I would advice not to go overboard with your submission by detailing your life or using “big” words. That’s not very average of you. You’ll also be asked to submit pictures or videos that “highlight your averageness”. A clip of one of your professors saying: “Joe, how long are you going to be content with being the most average college student alive?” would be perfect.

So head on over to CollegeHumor’s submission page to enter. But not too quickly, you have until February 1st to procrastinate. That gives you a week to make yourself appear even more average.