Before we get into this thing, just be aware that the Ninja Block is a gadget that will not turn you into an actual ninja. Real ninjas don’t need gadgets to be forever-badass.

The Ninja Block is a small device that claims to give you control of your life, digitally. With a programmable engine, you can create the ability to turn your house lights on or off. Did the Fedex guy just ring your doorbell while you were in the middle of singing Bohemian Rhapsody with headphones on? Ninja Block can send you a text so that you never miss a delivery or loosely scheduled maintenance service worker again.

The options are limited to how creative you can be, and how efficiently you can use the Ninja Rules Engine.

If you want to learn a little more, head to their website!

The free Ninja Blocks platform makes it trivial to build web & mobile apps that talk to hardware. Get up and running in minutes, and begin talking to hardware & connected devices with the web languages you already know. Focus 100% on your app, and never have to worry about embedded programming, electronics, & networking protocols again.