It’s a beautiful morning for a giveaway! Our friends over at HTC have given us one of their newest flagship smartphones, the One X+, to give away to one of you as part of a grassroots campaign called #TroopOneX. I’ve been lucky enough to use this phone throughout January and I never want to go to back to using a low-end smartphone again.

But before I give you the full details on the giveaway, I’m going to give you a quick look at the One X+ and tell you why it’s the most attractive high-end Android phone on the market today.

The HTC One X+ is the successor to the original One X, one of the most popular high-end phones of 2012. HTC kept the beautifully crafted form of the One X, but gave the specs a nice upgrade. The plus at the end isn’t just for show. Here’s a look at the specs of the One X+ vs. the original One X and some of the most popular Android phones of today:

HTC One X Plus Comparison

In terms of power and internal storage, the One X+ is clearly in a league of its own. None of the flagship phones from other manufacturers offer 64GB of storage in the base model available from the carrier. I’m closing in on 75 apps installed, including many large games like Grand Theft Auto III and Need for Speed: Most Wanted, on top of hundreds of songs, and I’ve still got over 45GB of storage left. Most other phones would be requiring a pricey SD card at this point. And while the HTC One X+ doesn’t offer SD card support for additional storage, I don’t think I’ll ever have to worry about a lack of space.

Combined with one of the newest versions of Android, Jelly Bean, the One X+ interface is fast and elegant. The device’s large size and HD resolution allow for extreme detail and precise use of the touchscreen. Despite having used the One X+ for the past three weeks, I’m still blown away by how smooth the performance is, hardly giving so much as a hiccup even while playing graphically intensive games.

However, there is one downside that comes with using a powerful smartphone: battery life. HTC claims the battery life of the One X+ is up to 37% longer than the original One X, but the phone does struggle to stay above 20 percent throughout a day of heavy usage. This means heavy users may need to moderate themselves when using a phone like the One X+.

Overall, I’m more than happy with my One X+ and I’ll continue using it for as long as possible. HTC has truly outdone themselves with this phone. Not only by offering more power and storage than their competition, but by doing so at the same price.

Now that I’ve thoroughly flaunted the fact that I have a One X+ and that it’s incredible, I guess I should tell how you can get one of these.

The Giveaway

Disclaimer: Open to U.S. residents only. This phone is only compatible with AT&T or Straight Talk using an AT&T-compatible Micro SIM card.

To enter for a chance to win the HTC One X+, you simply have to do one of the following:

You have until Thursday, Jan 31st to enter. Special kudos will go out to those of you who do both simply because you love us.

In the meantime, I’ll be showing off tons of apps and tricks for Android owners throughout the week to celebrate the giveaway.