Have you ever thought to yourself “I don’t gamble nearly enough these days”?

For all you dorm room poker fiends out there, this app brings an element of the online poker game to the real world. Each player can use an iPhone or iPad to connect to the main hub in the center which serves as your suave dealer.

Each Hold’em player views their cards on a separate device, while an iPad in the middle keeps track of the board cards and automatically re-deals when you move the dealer button. It may handle betting, but at least it can’t be accused of stacking the deck. [via uncrate]

The app costs $2 — or, in some cases, the amount of a small blind.

Hopefully you can prove yourself amongst your peer group, and show your parents that you really aren’t all that anti-social after all!

Download BoldPoker for iOS from their site or directly from the App Store on iTunes.