Microsoft has launched the latest version of its Office product suite, Office 2013, in the form of an online, subscription-based service called Office 365. For college students, this is particularly exciting because the University offer is finally available alongside this latest release. Back in October, we told you about the service and its one-time low price of $79.99 for four years of Office use.

The Office 365 University service will include the essential Office applications Word, Powerpoint, Excel, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher, and Access, as well as free updates for each during your subscription. On top of that, documents are saved to Microsoft’s SkyDrive service by default with 27GB of cloud storage available for easy access across multiple computers or platforms.

Speaking of multiple platforms, Office 365 University will allow two separate installations of Office, whether those be Mac or PC (Outlook, Publisher, and Access are PC only). And even if you’re away from one of your two installations, Microsoft is offering an online version for use on any Windows PC. So combined with SkyDrive backup for documents, you’ll have access to work with and save precious files almost anywhere.

As an added bonus, every Office 365 user will receive 60 free Skype minutes each month, which can be used to call anywhere in the world.

Both full and part-time college students from accredited institutions may purchase and benefit from Office 365 University. Verification of eligibility will take place once you’ve purchased Office, during the activation process.

Office 365 University is available online now from the Microsoft Store.