As a college student you’re probably reading this wearing a nice comfy hoodie and pair of sweats or your favorite jeans. Sound anything like you? Well, it’s time to put your big boy pants on (literally) and start dressing better than a 14 year old that just spent his life savings at Abercrombie and Fitch. You’re probably used to waking up, throwing on a tee shirt and jeans and heading out the door to go count the minutes until you get out of class. I get it, it’s quick and easy to do, however even though I still count the minutes left in class, I try to do look good doing it.


One of the greatest things about being a guy is how easy it is to dress better and still be comfortable. I know you’re not going to like this, but right around the age of 20, wearing name brand tight tee’s you bought from a place that cranks the bass and smells like a gallon of cologne is not cool anymore. Now, every day doesn’t have to be a dress shirt day that’s too much work and gets boring after a while.  A good start would be to upgrade your t-shirts to polo shirts, Hoodies to sweaters, and even well-fitting shirts / t-shirts are great, just make sure they actually fit you! Shirts should always go just past your beltline and not be too tight or baggy.  Oh and under no circumstances should you ever shop at Ed Hardy.


Don’t worry; you can still wear your favorite pair of jeans, as long as they don’t have holes in them! Pants are relatively easy for guys to wear and pair. Button downs, polo’s, sweaters etc… can all be worn with a pair of jeans. If you want to upgrade a bit, go out and get a couple pairs of khakis or chinos. No, not they bright green, red or pink kind, stick to regular pants colors unless you’re in Clown College then by all means. Oh, and lastly if you’re pulling your pants of every 20 feet because you’re a hardened gangster, hobble yourself down to the store and buy a belt.


If you own and or wear either crocs or socks and sandals, stop reading this right now, walk into your roommates room and tell him that you need to be slapped. Alright let’s get to it, the good news is you don’t have to stop wearing your favorite sneakers but you just can’t do it all the time. Unfortunately, you also can’t keep alternating between old tennis shoes every day. All men should own one pair of brown and one pair of black dress type shoes either slip on or tie. Also, replacing tennis shoes with casual leathers can be just as comfy and look ten times better. Lastly, never wear your tennis shoes with your khaki’s or chinos, if you’re trying to look more casual think about some easy flat plain colored pumas, Ralph Laurens etc…


Listen up G-unit, there’s nothing wrong with wearing hats; just wear them the right way. A slightly tilted flat brimmed trucker hat turned hallway around and popped off your head does not give you the swagger that you think it does… You look like you should be in hanging out with J-Biebs and One Direction, and in no way is that a compliment. Hats look good on some guys and weird on others, you’re going to have to figure out which fits you best and go with that.

At the end of the day, it’s up to you how you dress and the image that you portray. Remember you’re 20 years old and no one expects you to dress like a businessman every day. However, you’ll notice a few things once you start: One, you’ll feel better about yourself and with that your confidence will grow, something that’s key in college. Two, your professors, parents, and actual adults will start to respect you more and with that comes awesome perks, extra time or help when it comes to your grade, gas money and overall respect of your ideas. And most importantly more attention from the opposite sex, think about it, you’ll be one of the few guys in a sea of T-shirt and ripped jeans that stands out and that gives you the edge.

Image via Gustin Denim