When we come to college, oftentimes we buy a new laptop to use for school. This point can come right before you start your college career or in the middle of it, and when it does, it is our duty to ensure our own identity and our computer’s security protection packages are all squared away.

Once this is done, the average student exhales a sigh of relief and goes about his or her business while surfing the interwebs for information, social media, and other kinds of things. There’s our first mistake. At any point in the time that you own your own computer, you can be tracked and you may not even know it.

Here’s where you stop reading for a second and visit the website fixtracking.com. It’s a very clean and easy way to ensure that you’re stopping third-party entities from tracking every little thing that you do on your own computer. Now, I know what you’re thinking. How can they be tracking me on my own computer? Answer: it’s 2013. In a world of infinite amounts of technological advances, what was new in this realm a year ago may very well be obsolete today.

Why get security?

Many of you may ask this question and the answer is simple: it’s necessary. It’s becoming easier and easier for evil sources in the world to have the chance to steal every single thing that you own on your computer with the click of a mouse. Just like getting car insurance for your brand new car is necessary, protecting yourself online is necessary. Imagine how horrible it would feel if someone was tracking your every movement and could see every website that you go to? Do you want someone else to have that information? I know I don’t.

Feeling safe

The best thing that you can do is inform yourself on all of the latest tech news and tips with security. The last thing you want to happen is be out of the loop with this. Peace of mind and feeling safe with everything that is going on your own computer, not to mention your privacy, is all important in this respect. You shouldn’t have to live your life on edge, wondering is something bad is going to happen with all of your information, nor should you have to live your life in fear of something of yours being stolen.

Taking precautions

The necessary precautions are basic and they won’t take a ton of time at all. If you’re going to be using such a beautiful, smart machine like this, especially over something so powerful like the internet, make sure that you’re doing your best to inform yourself, secure yourself, and stay in the loop.

Do you have any stories from when you may have had something happen to you because your stuff wasn’t secure? Share you story and help inform everyone why their security matters.

Photo Credit: Travis Isaacs