If you find your phone a distraction during class or are worried about unwanted notification sounds, Silence for Android may be the solution.

Silence allows you to input a period of time, whether that be a few minutes or a few hours, and change various settings on your phone to keep it quiet and you distraction-free. It’s perfect for classes, when you find that even on vibrate, your mind wanders to instinctively check for messages at the sound of a buzz. And before you know it, you’re lost in your phone, and subsequently lost when you begin to refocus on class.

Silence - Android App

Creating a new event in Silence is simple: input a name, start and end time, a date, and whether the event should be repeated on specific days. Since you most likely take certain classes on certain days, Silence optimally handles the repeat function by allowing you to choose days, as shown above.

After finishing with the general settings for an event, you’ll need to decide what actions you want Silence to perform during the set time period. The options allow you to change your ringer settings, as well as toggle Airplane Mode (not working on Android 4.2), Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth on or off.

You can set one or all to change for the desired duration and to change back to previous settings once the end time is reached. I’d recommend Airplane Mode specifically for classes. Not only will it fully disable all communication and thus distractions, but it will help save battery time in the process, as cell and data signals are often the culprits draining your smartphone’s battery.

Of course, Silence is useful beyond just the classroom. Scheduling in work, dates, family time, or job interviews are just a few of the other times when the app can keep your mind on your life and off your phone. You can even use it to turn your ringer on at a certain time if you’re the type who is constantly changing ringer settings.

Hopefully this app will not only help you schedule your phone to stay quiet during class, but also to keep it from distracting you from other important events.

Silence is available free on Google Play and compatible with Android 2.1 and up.