One of the biggest annoyances that comes with buying a new Windows PC or laptop is dealing with the massive amounts of useless programs installed by the manufacturer. While a few of these programs may be tied to actual functions, most are basic applications with better alternatives available for free online. And often, many are set to launch at start-up, not only delaying that, but causing your computer to be slowed by a program you weren’t using in the first place.

Another annoyance comes in the form of toolbars and trialware. You may not be using Internet Explorer, but that doesn’t stop free programs from jamming your system full of toolbars for it during the installation process. Even if you opt out of installing trial programs or toolbars, some will still sneak onto your system and you’ll be left scratching your head the next time you open up a list of installed programs.

The good news is manufacturer bloatware, trialware, and toolbars can usually be uninstalled just like any other program. However, problems arise when a large amount of uninstalling is required or you don’t know what does what and are unsure if uninstalling may break a built-in function. Well, that’s where programs such as PC Decrapifier and Should I Remove It come in handy.

Bloatware Removal Programs

PC Decrapifier works to automate the uninstall process by determining if your system has any crap on it and working to automatically remove said crap. It’s a great tool for new PCs, as it will most likely quickly rid you of manufacturer bloatware, allowing you to move on to install real applications. And even if you’re not using PC Decrapifier on a new computer, it’ll help rid yourself of useless trialware and toolbars by generating a list of all your installed programs and giving you the option to mass uninstall.

If you’re unsure if you should uninstall a particular application, Should I Remove It will assist you by tapping into their database of over 300,000 programs and using user removal statistics to determine if you should remove it. The program uses a color coded system to alert you of a potential problem application. Anything labeled green is probably safe, orange should cause concern and most likely be removed, and items with a red removal percentage should be uninstalled immediately.

Should I Remove It also allows you to find out more about an application by selecting it and clicking on the revealed “What is it?” box, leading to their website. There you’ll find a page dedicated to the application that provides information on its functions, user ratings, warnings, statistics, and more.

There’s even a large list on their website that identifies bloatware by the manufacturer.

Hopefully your bloatware, trialware, and toolbar problems will be something of the past with these two programs at your disposal. Thanks to Addictive Tips for telling us about Should I Remove It..