A bicycle breakdown can instantly ruin a potentially normal day in an instant. Today’s featured gadget is one that will help those of you who commute to class on bike, as well as the casual cyclist off campus. The small, light-weight Fix It Sticks are supposedly tough as nails. For a simple utility tool, it has more uses than the intended on-the-go bike repair kit.

Fix It Sticks began as a Kickstarter project with an end-goal of $18,000. At the time of this posting, the campaign has surpassed their goal, reaching a total of $28,995 raised with two weeks left (ending Friday, February 15.)

You can grab one from Fix It Sticks’ Kickstarter project page for $25. For those of you that donate more than $25 to fund the campaign, there is a tiered structure of additional perks.

To learn more about Fix It Sticks, feel free to check out the video below: