Garrick Friesen, a pharmacy major at Southwestern Oklahoma State University, is the winner our HTC One X+ giveaway!

We hope the device enables him to study, work, and play harder. But don’t play too hard, Garrick. The One X+ can be quite addictive when combined with games like Temple Run 2. Luckily for you though, the One X+ can close and launch apps with lightning speed thanks to its quad-core processor.

In case you get caught playing a game when you’re not supposed to, there’s an app called Pharmacy Lab Values you can use to appear productive. And you could find it useful for other reasons, being a pharmacy student and all.

We hope the other 250 of you who entered don’t hold too much resentment toward Garrick for winning. We’re always working with new partners on giveaways, so there will be more cool things to win in the near future.

Until then, however, I recommend heading over to your local AT&T store and giving the One X+ a try. At first, it may bring up the crushing memory of entering this giveaway and not winning, but once you hold that beautiful device in your hands, everything will feel right.

And before you know it, you may find yourself in the checkout line, on top of the world with your amazing new phone.

Image Source: Mark Menzies