With two-thirds of America’s internet-enabled adults on Facebook, there’s no shortage of friends to be found. However, it appears the growth of the country’s most popular social network has proven to be daunting for its users, according to a new study.

The Pew’s Research Center’s Internet and American Life Project found that 61 percent of current Facebook users claimed to have voluntarily taken a break from the site at some point in time for several weeks or more.

Twenty-one percent who stepped away stated being too busy to spend time on Facebook as their reason. Other reasons included:

  • General lack of interest – 10%
  • Abesence of compelling content – 10%
  • Excessive gossip or drama from friends – 10%
  • Concern about spending too much time on the site – 8%

Quotes from surveyed users show Facebook caused many unforeseen problems, but oversharing appears to be a primary concern. This may put a damper on Mark Zuckerberg’s plans for people to share a thousand times more in ten years. Here’s an interesting list of direct quotes:

  • “I was tired of stupid comments.”
  • “People were [posting] what they hard for dinner.”
  • “I got harrassed by someone from my past who looked me up.”
  • “It caused problems in my [romantic] relationship.”
  • “Too much drama.”
  • “I didn’t like to talk too much.”
  • “I got tired of minding everybody else’s business.”
  • “It’s a gossipy thing.”

Shockingly enough, despite all the outrage over privacy concerns, only 4 percent of users said privacy, security, ads, or spam were the motivation for their Facebook break.

And while your parents may be just joining or getting into a Facebook groove, Pew’s found 42 percent of users ages 18-29 reported a decrease in time spent on Facebook over the past year.

The study simply proves that everything loses its charm over time. Facebook is getting old for an internet service after all.

People are getting used to it, realizing they can still keep up with their friends without wasting their lives away, as more and more people fully establish themselves on the site.

Image Source: Rishi Bandopadhay