In case you haven’t heard, there’s a blizzard coming tomorrow.

They’re saying it might be up to a foot of snow in New York and close to two feet in Boston, where I’m currently located. Personally, I don’t buy it- I’ve heard of snowstorms and blizzards coming every winter of my life, often twice, and they’ve never lived up to the hype. Still, it’s better to be safe then sorry, especially when being safe for a snowstorm can be awesome.

1. Stock Up

Here’s what you need: bread, peanut butter, nutella, yogurt, hummus, and all the ingredients for our good friend, chili. That’s all you need on the food end: you can eat that for two days straight without even missing other food if you’re snowed in, or, more realistically, if it’s too gross or cold to go get pizza.

Similarly, you’re going to want some beer. Do *not* get hard liquor: that’s a little over the top for a staying-in type scenario, plus beer has the added bonus of being the perfect match for a snowy day. The best part about stocking up on these things is that any extras you have are going to carry over perfectly into your every-day college life.

2. Make Plans

If you’re going to be stuck at home, you’re going to have to get your plans in order.

You might not be able to do much, but you should have solid plans and a schedule for your nothing. Set up a movie you’ve been meaning to watch with your housemates. Get your homework done, I suppose. Whatever you plan on doing, do something. Do some pushups like you’re stuck in a prison. Read a book, like it’s the 1950′s or something. If you don’t get anything done you’re going to be going stir-crazy the whole snow-day.

3. Stay Safe

Do not go out to pick up Burger King in the middle of a snowstorm just because you heard they have horse-meat in their burgers and you really want to taste some horse. It simply isn’t worth it. Similarly, don’t bother heading out to that mediocre party just because you refuse to let the weather tell you what to do. While that’s an admirable goal, and probably nothing will go wrong, boy will you feel stupid if it is. Especially since, thanks to rules 1 and 2, you have beer and plans back at your house, anyway.

4. Don’t Fall Asleep

On a snowy day, especially when snowed in, you may find it tempting to nap. There’s not much to do and your bed is so cozy, right?


It’s very easy to sleep for fifteen, sixteen hours if you’re snowed in with nothing to do. Don’t do this. You’re going to ruin your sleep schedule and your dreams are going to be super-weird and will probably involve snowmen making out with your ex-girlfriends. Sleep is tempting but it’s going to mess with you and make it harder to do anything else during your snowed-in stay with a nap-hangover. Instead, stay awake online or with friends, you know, like you do every other night of the week.

5. Have a Sleepover Party

This is the most advanced play for a snowmergency, and I only recommend it to snow experts. And that is: have a sleepover party.

Host some friends, and, depending on how you play it, your significant other. Tell them to bring pajamas and a toothbrush. Stock up on all the essentials and all the un-essentials too, like cookie dough, hot-chocolate mix, chips, salsa, brandy, and an Xbox. Wait out the storm together in an all-day/all night rager/hangout that lasts until the snow melts or the weekend ends.

Like a said, it’s advanced and daring. But boy can it be fun.