Originally slated for early 2014, smartphones featuring Ubuntu’s mobile operating system will begin shipping early, starting in October of this year. The Wall Street Journal spoke to Ubuntu developer Canonical’s founder and CEO, Mark Shuttleworth, who broke the news.

Ubuntu’s foray into the smartphone market will arrive nearly nine years after the release of their Linux-based desktop operating system, which started with the goal of being an easy-to-use and regularly updated Linux distribution. It’s now used by more than 20 million people.

Unfortunately for Ubuntu fans, no mention of official phone manufacturers was made, so where the hardware will come from remains a mystery.

Ubuntu’s phone OS will have the capability to connected to monitors and other peripherals for a full desktop experience. This is one feature that’s missing from other smartphone operating systems that may attract users to Ubuntu.

Shuttleworth says the OS will be available in two large geographic markets, but would not specify North America as one of those markets. He did, however, say that North America is “absolutely a key market for Ubuntu.”

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus has been the exclusive demo phone for Ubuntu’s phone OS and Canonical plans to release an installable vesion for Galaxy Nexus users sometime in February. Other Android phone users will have to wait, as its not likely that the OS will see a widely-compatible release before the first official Ubuntu phone is available.