Everywhere you go, your online profile follows you. From what you post on Facebook to checking in on FourSquare and tweeting on Twitter, everything you do has an impact on yourself as “a brand”, and now that social impact can be rewarding.  That’s where Klout comes in.

What Is Klout?

Klout is an online social media analyzer that measures the influence you have on sites such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, FourSquare, LinkedIn, even YouTube.  By using a specially made set of algorithms, Klout looks at everything from who follows and interacts with you, to how much attention your posts receive. It then takes this data and puts it into a score between 1 and 100, the average currently around 40. The more influence and following you have on these sites, the higher your Klout score goes and the more influential you are.

What Does A Klout Score Mean?

Klout scores are becoming more and more important to not only employers, but businesses as well. Knowing that users whose influence is high (let’s say 80), companies give customers Klout perks ranging from free cases of red bull to room upgrades at hotels and better service overall. These businesses do this because they know that you will tweet, share, Instagram and more about your experience. Not only can it get you rewards, more and more employers are taking Klout scores into consideration when looking at job candidates. Even those who have worked for years in the industry need to know about their Klout and be knowledgeable about their own influence.

Increase Your Klout Score

Now that you know your score, you’re probably freaking out and trying to raise it so no one says you’re a loser and you can get your hands on free stuff! Slow down there speedy, it’s not as easy as it sounds. First off, go check out the Klout page on how your score is computed. So, you can now see that your score isn’t only based off of the friends you have or making 3000’s statuses that get no notice. To raise your score and influence I like to try to stick to a few basic principles:

1. Only post things worth sharing (keep the statuses about your pets, the food you ate, anything irrelevant to a minimum).

2. Continue to grow your connections (always be looking to grow your network, followers and friends).

3. Be funny. It’s an extremely basic idea, but always seems to get a lot of attention on less-professional sites like Facebook and Twitter.

What’s your Klout score?