Life can get pretty hectic at times, especially for a college student. With classes, homework outside of the classroom, sleeping, eating, family, jobs, and anything else in between, we are trying to juggle everything the only way that we know how to. Here is a compiled list of things that you can do to make sure that your life doesn’t get so hectic.

Use Google Calendar

This is the single-most important piece of information that I can give to you when talking about organizing your life. Having a schedule with everything in it makes your life a heck of a lot easier. Substitute a planner if that’s how you roll.

Get enough sleep each night

To maintain your busy schedule, you have to get enough sleep. It’s vital for your productivity, creativity, and working mind to maximize it’s potential. For some, 6-7 hours a night is enough. I wouldn’t recommend sleeping longer than 8 hours even if you’re tired when you wake up. Oversleeping has been one thing that has proved to me that your thought process will be hampered throughout the day on days that it occurs.

Keep your papers organized

Use folders. Heck, use a filing cabinet if you find it necessary. We all get handouts, syllabi, and other materials in our classes. Having some sort of filing system will help you stay organized and know where every piece of information that you have is stored.

Make your bed when you get up

This is a simple one, but you’ll thank yourself before you go to bed at night. Making your bed once you get up will leave your room looking a little bit more clean and organized. And it only takes a minute most days. Why not?

Budget enough money for the week / month

Having a weekly or monthly budget will help you save money. You could be spending too much money in areas that you never planned on spending a ton of money in. This one is highly recommended, especially from parents and professionals. College students normally live on a small budget. If you can master this now, imagine how easy it’ll be when you have a career.

Have a clean study environment

Some people can study in the worst environments. For me, I have to study some place that is quiet, not only in terms of loudness via sound waves, but the atmosphere can’t be loud either. I need a quiet, simple place to study so that I don’t get distracted. If you’re like me, you’ll likely want to clean off your desk, grab some headphones, get something to eat and drink, and turn your phone on silent.

Schedule time for yourself

This one is a no-brainer. Use some time for yourself so that you don’t burn out. Spending too much time in one area can become redundant.

Make to-do lists

One of the most powerful yet simple ways to organize your time and priorities would be through a to-do list. Make daily, weekly, and monthly to-do lists, especially for those projects that you have coming up, or that are 6 weeks away. “Failing to prepare means preparing to fail.”

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Establish routines

Getting into the routine of things will help you to-do lists and organization come easier to you.

Just remember: baby steps. Once your mind grasps that, take another baby step. Sooner or later, you’ll be able to take on more.

Do your laundry once a week

Just so that you don’t get behind and have to spend a whole day doing laundry, try and do it once a week. Or do it once you have enough for one load. You’d be surprised how helpful this is when it comes to organization.

Use smart phone apps

There are so many applications for smart phones that can keep you organized. Why not try to utilize them for your every day life?

What are some of your tips for organization?