Kno, a developer of digital textbook software, has announced a new service that gives authors and publishers the ability to create fully interactive ebooks from normal PDFs or flat files.

The service, called Advance, was created to give publishers the power to easily generate engaging textbooks from existing material, at no additional cost — in order to reach a new generation of students using new technology.

“Advance is a bold step into the future of publishing, where publishers and authors can instantly enhance and update their content. For example, when Pluto loses its status as a planet, publishers can instantly modify a 3D model of the solar system in their science books,” said Osman Rashid, Co-Founder and CEO of Kno. “Advance is ushering in a new paradigm in which mainstream titles will be revised and enhanced frequently – more like software.”

The service is a suite of products working in tandem to streamline the process of converting regular files into interactive ebooks.

First, publishers submit material to Kno Ingest, which creates the interactive material in a matter of minutes.

Publishers then use Kno Book Enhancer, which allows them to add or edit information, as well as interactive elements, such as video and audio clips. This gives publishers the ability to keep textbooks fresh with new information and engaging material without worrying about the cost of traditional publishing or physical media.

To finalize their work, publishers use Kno Assessment in order to add interactivity to end-of-chapter exercises.

Publishers with early access to Advance have been impressed by its capabilities.

“Working with Kno, the process of converting our print titles to highly interactive eBooks has been seamless,” said Kurt Strand, Chief Product Officer, McGraw Hill Higher Education. “Now, using Kno’s Book Enhancer, we are able to enhance or update our eBooks virtually instantly. The process of defining interactivity is literally the same as creating it with Kno.”

“Using Kno’s Book Enhancer gives us better digital tools and capabilities than many large publishing houses,” said Greg Greul, President of Wayside Publishing. “The ease of use, speed, and lack of additional costs enables us to keep our AP programs for English, History, and World Language programs compelling and up to date for students.”

Kno partners with both technical and educational publishers to add to their library of over 200,000 titles, available on a variety of platforms.