For singles, Valentine’s Day is a day of reflection. It’s a day to stay indoors and enjoy yourself — just yourself. Far away from the roses, boxed chocolates, and general displays of affection, you have the freedom to do anything.

But you don’t want freedom! You want to be tied down to one person (maybe in more than one way); someone who will always be there to comfort and support you, who shares your values and interests.

Now that you’re nice and motivated to hit the town, I’ll tell you about MoviePass, a service that could help save you money while you’re playing the field.

MoviePass allows you access to one movie in theaters per day for a monthly fee of around $25-$50, depending on your location. If you find yourself on movie dates on more than a few occasions per month, the service is right up your alley.

The service works through a smartphone app, available for iPhone and Android, that you use to choose a theater, movie, and showtime. You then use your phone to check in at the theater, which actives your MoviePass membership card. To the theater, this card will appear to work just like a credit card, allowing MoviePass to bypass any sort of official dealings with theaters or movie studios and allowing you the freedom to enjoy movies nationwide with no blackout dates.

The only catches are that you can’t use MoviePass for 3D movies and after the first month you have to commit to a one-year subscription. However, considering 3D movies are an abomination to film and the potential savings for an avid moviegoer and dater, it may well be worth it. But keep in mind, to justify the cost of a MoviePass membership, you’ll have to see around 30-40 movies per year.

The catches may make you question the service, but using it may serve as a motivation to get out and find a date to take to a movie.

MoviePass is currently invitation-only, so you’ll have to reserve a spot before you can begin using it.