Career counselors, personality assessments and college pamphlets try their best to offer advice, but choosing a major is a personal decision that starts you down a life-long career path. Advice on choosing a major varies, but a central idea usual stands out: choose a major that peaks your interest. For some students with clear passions, choosing a major is easy. Others seem intrigued by the array of opportunities.

A glimpse into your personal life might offer some guidance. We may watch them for fun, but movies have a role in projecting our interests and shaping our futures. The memorable themes, characters and moments that define great movies stick with us as we work our way through life. As the Academy Awards approach, considering the movies that stood out to you in a 2012 may offer a glimpse into your true aspirations.

Whether you’re studying for an AP test before high school graduation or headed back to school after years as a professional, it’s never too late follow a new dream.



Based on the 1979 Iranian hostage crisis, Argo depicts the story of a daring plot to bring U.S citizens home from danger by posing as a film crew. Danger, disguise and deception all come into play in this thrilling tale of CIA operatives.

If the pursuit of justice resonated with you, criminal and legal studies may be the career path for you. This field focuses on crime, law promoting a safe environment. Graduates go on to become police officers, lawyer and security professionals.

Les Miserables

Les Miserables Movie

A classic story of sacrifice, hope and mercy, the latest re-telling of Les Miserables brought musical theatre at its most epic to the big screen. When you look past the incredible performances and beautiful cinematography, Les Mis offers stark depictions of human behavior.

If you walked out of the theater examining Fantine’s heartache or Javert’s struggle, you may be primed to study psychology. This academic discipline studies the correlations between mental functions and behavior, applying scientific principles to reach conclusions. Graduates with a BA in psychology often continue schooling to become a counselor or researcher.

Life of Pi

Life Of Pi 

Based on what referred to as Yann Martel’s supposedly “unfilmable book” of the same name. Life of Pi is a creative, confusing journey exploring spirituality and humanity. It’s got shipwrecks, a Bengal tiger and carnivorous algae, but one of the central themes is an exploration of world views.

From Socrates to Nietzsche, great thinkers have been exploring these same themes for centuries. Philosophy majors dive into the issues that define and divide humans. Worried it’s impractical? According to the University of Missouri-St. Louis, Philosophy majors had the highest average LSAT scores of any major from 2007-2008.


Lincoln Movie

At a turning point in American history, the country needed a courageous leader to stand up to injustice and unite the country. Lincoln tells the story of one of our nation’s greatest presidents and the fight to abolish slavery. Ripe with political dialogue, this biopic examines Abraham Lincoln’s personal demeanor as well as the politics that led to the abolish of slavery.

Political buffs got a first-hand look at how government can make a difference, and if Lincoln sparked your interest, studying political science will allow you to continue learning about the role of government in thriving societies.